The Watchers 7

Mama? The Davenport home sat in a cul-de-sac of an older neighborhood. The roads were free of potholes and there were green and white street signs at the corner of each street. The Davenport yard was green and freshly cut even though the trees had begun shedding their red and gold leaves. An American flagContinue reading “The Watchers 7”

The Watchers 5

Runaway “We’re still waiting for the tape,” the security guard said yawning midsentence. His jaw stretched so wide it popped twice before he could continue, “but we think she left down the back stairs. You know to the lobby.” “You think?” Blackfoot said. Scrubbing at the dark whiskers on his chin Blackfoot took a longContinue reading “The Watchers 5”

The Watchers 3

Tell me who I am. “I done told y’all. You can’t have her yet,” Rusty said between bits of a chocolate chip muffin as he twirled a red stethoscope in the other. “You should be used to that by now, right Kimosabe?” the EMT said smirking at the detective scowling back at him. “You know,Continue reading “The Watchers 3”

The Watchers 2

Wake up. Remember. “Get up!” The words echoed in Liza ‘s head waking her from a deep sleep. Her head throbbed but it was the burning sensation that hurt the most. “Move,” was her next thought. Filled with an urgency she pushed herself to her feet ignoring the lightheadedness. Nausea came and went. She wasContinue reading “The Watchers 2”


WHAT WOULD LIZA DO? Lexington, Kentucky- Wilson wiped the bead of sweat from his upper lip.   “Be smart. Complete the job. All you have to do is deliver the package then leave.  In and out, remember?” The Watcher said. Wilson’s hands tightened on the steering wheel. It was time.     Wilson engaged the emergencyContinue reading “THE WATCHERS 1”

Southern Fried Honeybee Ch 4

Chapter 4 His name was Trace Johnsonne. His occupation? Pain in Charlie’s ass because just like a hemorrhoid he kept coming back at the worst possible moments. If there was any way she could kick him out of her restaurant without making a scene, she’d do it, but looking at his smug face she didn’tContinue reading “Southern Fried Honeybee Ch 4”

Southern Fried Honeybee Ch 3

Chapter 3 Charlie had always thought of herself as a good girl but that was before she went to college. For Charlie, good girl had nothing to do with sex or body count. Being a good Southern girl meant doing as you were told by well, everyone. When she was a little girl, she neverContinue reading “Southern Fried Honeybee Ch 3”