The Watchers 5

Runaway “We’re still waiting for the tape,” the security guard said yawning midsentence. His jaw stretched so wide it popped twice before he could continue, “but we think she left down the back stairs. You know to the lobby.” “You think?” Blackfoot said. Scrubbing at the dark whiskers on his chin Blackfoot took a longContinue reading “The Watchers 5”

Southern Fried Honeybee **book trailer**

When I first started writing Southern Fried Honeybee I made this book trailer before I’d finished kind of like incentive to keep me going. Back then New Orleans was the setting for Charlie’s story, hence the NOLA theme, lol. However, by the time the story was finished I’d changed quite a few things. Now setContinue reading “Southern Fried Honeybee **book trailer**”

New Book, Who Dis?

Southern Fried Standards- to be released May 2020 on Amazon. In the south to call something southern fried is a term of endearment. It can mean several things at the same time. Southern fried can mean crazy (in a good or harmless way), ambitious/driven, and/or slap your knee and laugh out loud funny. Between theContinue reading “New Book, Who Dis?”