Empath: Part 2

The first time it happened I didn’t even know it was happening. Even after I looked in a mirror and the face I’d come to finally accept was gone it took some time before I really believed it. Like three bodies later. That was when I finally accepted it. It was real. I felt somethingContinue reading “Empath: Part 2”

Empath: Part 3

“For God’s sake someone stop her,” I heard the officer shout. I ran faster. I knew before I got to the trunk, but when I stood over it I could only blink wanting my eyes to be wrong, but the sight of Caitlynn’s bruised lifeless form would not vanish. The officer’s words, caught up toContinue reading “Empath: Part 3”

Empath: Part 1

A small crowd of nosy passerby and would be customers huddled in the parking lot beneath Safeway’s overhang. There were whispers of made up gossip and speculation, but no one knew nothing for sure of what really happened. The laughing little girl with the pretty ribbons in her hair was gone. That was the onlyContinue reading “Empath: Part 1”