The Watchers 13

No one said your daughter was a criminal “Female, 22 years of age, one prior, and oh lookee here,” Tracy said, “surprise, surprise with a prior charge of disorderly conduct. Not exactly innocent, now is she?” “Just tell me the facts,” Blackfoot turned his back to the wind and the crowd of onlookers watching theirContinue reading “The Watchers 13”

The Watchers 12

Sometimes you can’t go home “She needs to go,” “No,” Zuri cried grabbing Liza tightly. “She can’t go.” In the Davenport’s den Zuri curled up against Liza’s side on the loveseat. Her body warm and soft smelling of cocoa butter and popcorn. Leena and Mrs. Davenport sat directly across from Liza in straight back chairs.Continue reading “The Watchers 12”

The Watchers 9

It has already been handled “She’s surfaced, sir,” The agent said. The man known as the Mastermind looked at the pictures the agent had forwarded to his phone. It was Liza. He’d always been able to spot her no matter what her cover was. “How would you like for us to handle this.” “Handle?” TheContinue reading “The Watchers 9”

The Watchers 8

Every rose has its thorns. “Tell me something good Taylor,” Blackfoot said tapping the base of his rotary phone with a cheap ballpoint pen. Blackfoot was a simple guy. He liked fishing, football, and beer and not necessarily in that order. He was only forty-one, but he called himself a proud relic. He liked keeping thingsContinue reading “The Watchers 8”

The Watchers 7

Mama? The Davenport home sat in a cul-de-sac of an older neighborhood. The roads were free of potholes and there were green and white street signs at the corner of each street. The Davenport yard was green and freshly cut even though the trees had begun shedding their red and gold leaves. An American flagContinue reading “The Watchers 7”

The Watchers 6

Easing his car off the road onto a patch of dead grass Taylor parked his black and white car. The coroner had already arrived. It meant less time spent standing over a dead body. He got out of his car groaning at the thought of what he was about to see. Seagulls flew overhead theirContinue reading “The Watchers 6”

The Watchers 5

Runaway “We’re still waiting for the tape,” the security guard said yawning midsentence. His jaw stretched so wide it popped twice before he could continue, “but we think she left down the back stairs. You know to the lobby.” “You think?” Blackfoot said. Scrubbing at the dark whiskers on his chin Blackfoot took a longContinue reading “The Watchers 5”