Southern Fried Honeybee **book trailer**

When I first started writing Southern Fried Honeybee I made this book trailer before I’d finished kind of like incentive to keep me going. Back then New Orleans was the setting for Charlie’s story, hence the NOLA theme, lol. However, by the time the story was finished I’d changed quite a few things. Now setContinue reading “Southern Fried Honeybee **book trailer**”

New Book, Who Dis?

Southern Fried Standards- to be released May 2020 on Amazon. In the south to call something southern fried is a term of endearment. It can mean several things at the same time. Southern fried can mean crazy (in a good or harmless way), ambitious/driven, and/or slap your knee and laugh out loud funny. Between theContinue reading “New Book, Who Dis?”

Chapter 1- Southern Fried Honeybee

Chapter 1 “How’s lunch fellas,” Charlie Daniels asked with a knowing smile on her full red lips. “Great, Ms. Daniels.” Rob said around a jaw full of food. “We thought we’d grab a bite while we waited for a lull.” Charlie looked fondly over her beautifully decorated restaurant. Every table was taken and there wasContinue reading “Chapter 1- Southern Fried Honeybee”

Prologue- Southern Fried Honeybee

Prologue Classic Motown music played in the candlelit room. A lone figure stared into a shattered mirror mind twisting with thoughts of revenge. Pushing a finger into the mirror again it popped. This time a sliver of glass came with it. It was long, thin and hurt like hell, but the pain felt good. ItContinue reading “Prologue- Southern Fried Honeybee”