The Watchers 19

Who are you?” Stepping from the tub Liza wrapped the thick white towel around her body.  She’d turned the heat up before getting in the bath, but there was still a chill once the air hit her wet skin, but it was worth it. She’d spent the past hour soaking in the tub and herContinue reading “The Watchers 19”

The Watchers 18

God protects children and fools “God protects children and fools,” Blackfoot thought as he watched Davenport’s bookstore attacker shuffle into the tank. It was his Daddy’s favorite line, but watching the pitiful excuse of a man before him he figured no line had ever been truer. The man’s ankles were shackled together beneath the unhemmedContinue reading “The Watchers 18”

The Watchers 17

You can’t park here Liza poured a cup of coffee and sat next to Mrs. Davenport and Zuri at the table. She took a long sip savoring the warmth of the mug in her hands.  She looked up to see two pairs of eyes staring back at her.  “Mama I thought you hated coffee,” ZuriContinue reading “The Watchers 17”

The Watchers 16

I had to become Trina Davenport Liza woke with a start. Heart racing, she searched the room until she remembered. Trina’s room. She looked at the blue walls as she sat in bed. The clock on the wall showed it was six o’clock. She’d slept the entire night. She’d never slept for longer than aContinue reading “The Watchers 16”

The Watchers 15

It’s like she’s two different people Taylor hated to be the bearer of bad news, but there was no way around it. He flashed his trademark smile as he walked in the station determined not to let the dread he felt brewing in his gut show on his face.  He knew Blackfoot wasn’t going toContinue reading “The Watchers 15”

The Watchers 14

If anything ever happened to my granddaughter   It was like her mind forgot to forget. Every time she remembered a piece of something it left a space, and something opened up just enough for a slip of memory to come through. It just wasn’t happening fast enough. Liza wanted answers and she wanted themContinue reading “The Watchers 14”

The Watchers 13

No one said your daughter was a criminal “Female, 22 years of age, one prior, and oh lookee here,” Tracy said, “surprise, surprise with a prior charge of disorderly conduct. Not exactly innocent, now is she?” “Just tell me the facts,” Blackfoot turned his back to the wind and the crowd of onlookers watching theirContinue reading “The Watchers 13”

The Watchers 12

Sometimes you can’t go home “She needs to go,” “No,” Zuri cried grabbing Liza tightly. “She can’t go.” In the Davenport’s den Zuri curled up against Liza’s side on the loveseat. Her body warm and soft smelling of cocoa butter and popcorn. Leena and Mrs. Davenport sat directly across from Liza in straight back chairs.Continue reading “The Watchers 12”