The Watchers 29

You’ve been you all along, you just couldn’t see it. REALIGN “Ms. Davenport I just wanted to thank you for allowing us into your home,” the young female reporter said. The cameraman worked frantically setting up for the live broadcast they were doing for the six o’clock news.             “You are more than welcome,” sheContinue reading “The Watchers 29”

The Watchers 28

They didn’t make me do anything             “Do you remember the last time we saw each other, Trina?” Liza asked.             “Yeah, I think I do,” the woman said. “it was so long ago I started thinking it was all a dream before, but I remember when they took you away.” Liza nodded stone facedContinue reading “The Watchers 28”

The Watchers 27

He made me this way The light above the garage had been removed just as Liza had remembered. There were no street lights on this block. Liza had made sure of that too. It made her comings and goings safer and more discreet. This was her first time returning since she’d moved in with theContinue reading “The Watchers 27”

The Watchers 25

She called you Ophelia “Mama was calling for you while you were out. She wanted to talk to you.” Leena said as she grabbed her coat to leave. Knocking softly, Liza opened the bedroom door. As expected the older woman was in her big soft bed surrounded by pillows. She looked like she was floatingContinue reading “The Watchers 25”

The Watchers 24

Keep what you need and burn the rest             Liza left on foot the next morning. Since everyone was still asleep, she borrowed one of Leena’s winter coats. She’d be back before she even missed it. Stepping into the backyard the cool air met her full on as she made her way through the neighborhoodContinue reading “The Watchers 24”

The Watchers 23

I know the real you.             The Davenport house was dark and quiet. Leena and Zuri were still out. Liza put on a pot of water to make tea when she heard Mrs. Davenport come out of her room.              “Bring me a cup when you get it ready,” Mrs. Davenport said sitting down atContinue reading “The Watchers 23”

The Watchers 22

How’s your arm, detective? “I am sorry to be meeting under these circumstances Mrs. Davenport, but I felt it was really important after hearing about my detective’s behavior on yesterday evening that we sit down face to face.” Chief Bradford said.   “I’ve always been upfront that our department had improvements to make but situationsContinue reading “The Watchers 22”

The Watchers 21

Little bird finally flew the coop They’d lost her. He didn’t want to call it in but he had no choice. She looked different, but it was her. She’d cut her hair and she wore a plain pair of jeans and t-shirt. Before she’d been Trina but the woman he saw earlier was different. ItContinue reading “The Watchers 21”

The Watchers 20

Remembering The colors ran like crayons on a hotplate. It felt like a bad acid trip, as memories returned out of order. Liza didn’t know what to trust. The only thing that grounded her was looking into Mrs. Davenport’s eyes. It was then that she knew for sure it had all happened. The older womanContinue reading “The Watchers 20”