Southern Fried Honeybee ~ A Novel

A page turning suspense thriller Southern-Fried Honeybee (previously published as Southern Fried Honeybee by alias- Alexandria Butler) has it all: romance, mystery, sinfully good food and murder. Chef Charlie Daniels is the talk of the Biloxi Gulf Coast’s foodie scene. Everyone knows her restaurant, the Southern Fried Honeybee. However, the ambitious restauranteur has enemies despite her sweet as pecan pie persona. When freak incidents threaten to destroy all she’s worked for, Charlie partners with her handsome competitor, Trace Johnsonne, to find the culprit before she loses everything.

** I’ll be posting updated chapters of Southern Fried Honeybee every M,W,F. When I initially wrote this novel Charlie was a complete figment of my imagination. Since then I discovered actress and social media personality, Tabitha Brown. She has become visually who I “see” when I think of Charlie. However, unlike Tabitha Brown, Charlie is most definitely not vegan nor is she “America’s Mom”. Charlie’s more like that favorite Auntie, who can really throw down in the kitchen! So, I hope you enjoy this updated version, I’ve decided to post the novel for free here instead of Amazon. Leave a note and tell me what you think!

**Posting Chapters M.W,F beginning on 11/8/21

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Southern Fried Honeybee– completed novel

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