New Novel- You, I Like


YOU, I LIKE excerpt:

Welcome home, Indy.

People Get Ready

Chapter 1

Indy’s blessed and bougie life, as she knew it, was over. The untimely demise occurred on June 8, 1986 at 1:11am. It was confirmed two days later in an old dilapidated bus station/gazebo hundreds of miles away from her home. The undeniable proof of her massive fall from grace was a rusted sign surrounded by gigantic magnolias hanging from the entryway. It read:  Welcome to Biloxi, Mississippi.

Sighing, Indy slipped her brand new black Cazal glasses back on her face. She’d been mourning her old life from the moment her parents laid the revolting bus ticket on the antique armoire in her bedroom. It was in that moment Indy knew it was the real deal. Her parents could have easily afforded plane tickets, round trip! Being exiled by bus the summer before her senior year was only an added layer of humiliation for her so called just deserts.

Oh, how the mighty had fallen!


Written by Sonja Renee, You, I Like is set to be released in 2022. Follow author’s Twitter: YouILike11 for future release date and more info.

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