Empath: Part 3

“For God’s sake someone stop her,” I heard the officer shout. I ran faster.

I knew before I got to the trunk, but when I stood over it I could only blink wanting my eyes to be wrong, but the sight of Caitlynn’s bruised lifeless form would not vanish. The officer’s words, caught up to me. “She’s gone.”  

“We caught him,” the officer said softly from behind me. His nose was dripping blood, but I felt no ill will coming from his hulking body. There was only grief and a burning anger but it wasn’t directed at me.

“He’s going down for this. I’m taking him in myself.” I looked over to where an old man lay face down in the dirt. I heard his sobs, saw the apathetic officers standing over him. I felt their anger and indignation. I could also feel the old man’s confusion.

“Can I drive back with you?” I asked the officer. “I need, I need….”

“Of course, ma’am we can get you back,” the officer said. “I’ll get an officer to take you home, or wherever you want to go,” he said nodding emphatically as his hand touched my back. Even the light brief pressure irritated me but I forced myself to not cringe.

Caitlynn’s body was removed, then the car. I watched it all from the passenger seat of the cruiser the officer had put me in. I watched the old man being placed in the back of the police car a few feet in front of me. 

We followed behind the cruiser carrying the perpetrator to jail for several miles in silence. When the officer put his blinker on to exit I latched onto him before he could turn off the highway. I didn’t have to move a muscle. One second I was slouched against the passenger window the next I was behind the wheel driving.

I sped up turning off where I saw the cruiser in front of me exit shaking off the burn that always happened when I jumped. It didn’t take long to catch up to them. They’d pulled off on a secluded dirt road off the main highway. When I drove up behind the cruiser I saw the officer had the old man over the hood of his car his fist slamming into the man’s face over and over again. I turned on my flashers and the officer looked up stunned. The old man slumped to the ground.

I watched the officer kick the man before walking to me. I reached into the car for the police radio. “Officer down on Crystal road, “I said before exiting the vehicle.

“What the hell are you doing?” the officer said as he walked towards me wiping his bloody hand on his handkerchief.

I felt his lingering rage. I latched onto the irritation he felt. Immediately I felt the familiar falling sensation come. Then I was staring back at the car and the officer’s body I’d just occupied lying on the ground. I turned and walked to the black and white cruiser. My fists were stinging and still bleeding, but I ignored it. The old man blinked up at me.

Searching my pockets for the keys to the handcuffs I unlocked the old man’s hands. Immediately he wrapped his arms around me.

“I’m scared Mama,” he said his voice gruff and watery as his arms squeezed me tight.

“It’s okay Caitlynn, Mama’s here now,” I said as I put the old man in the front seat of the cruiser. I climbed into the driver’s seat putting the officer’s shades on.

I looked over at Caitlynn. I could feel the confusion radiating from her. “Don’t worry, it won’t be for long honey. Mama’s got you.”

“But how?” she said her cloudy gray eyes blinking back tears.

“Ssshh,” I said starting the car. “We’ve got a lot to do, and not much time to do it in.”

Within minutes we were back on the interstate in search of a fresh start, and new lives.

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