Southern Fried Honeybee Ch 19


            She could run but she couldn’t hide. I was going to get her regardless of what she did. There was no way evil like that could win.

            The wind was howling outside as rain slapped heavy against the windows. Something was blowing in from the gulf, but I was safe in my car. It was a shitty car, but it worked. That was all that mattered. When she was gone, I’d get something better. I’d get everything I deserved then.

            I kept my eyes on the back door waiting for the servers to leave. Then she’d be inside all by herself. Tonight, was the night. There was no way she was going to get away from me this time.

            The street was mostly empty but there were still a few stragglers inside the Honeybee. I watched them through the windows as the minutes tick away. Any minute now.

            I could feel the knife in my pocket. The blade was sharp; I’d made sure of that earlier. I couldn’t mess this up. I hadn’t seen her yet which was strange.

            Something just wasn’t right.

            I looked harder to see if I could see her through the window. It was then I realized I hadn’t seen her all night. I banged a fist against the steering wheel making the entire car shake. A young man looked back at me through the windshield as he scurried by my car.

            “Stop looking at me!” The knife felt heavier suddenly. I could do him real quick then go back for her.

            I looked back to the store.


            Where the hell was she? Then suddenly the last customer left out. I saw a worker, I recognized but couldn’t remember his name lock up behind them. It was almost time.

            I watched and waited, but I still didn’t see her. Even as one, then two employees left I still didn’t see her. Where the hell was she?

            I squeezed the knife in my pocket, felt it puncture my skin. I savored the sting.

The door opened one final time. A second later the lights went off inside the restaurant. Then two figures emerged, but neither was her.

            “Dammit!” She’d screwed me again. Again! I watched as the two workers climbed in their cars and drove away. I took my hand out my pocket.

            There was blood on my fingers, my blood. Gripping the steering wheel tight, I kept my eyes on the back door, waiting.

            This wasn’t over not at all.

            “You can run but you can’t hide, Charlie. I will find you and when I do, you won’t get away from me again.”

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