Southern Fried Honeybee Ch 14


Tonight. It had to be tonight. Tonight, Charlie Daniels was going down.

How she kept fooling everyone just didn’t make sense. People think she’s so nice. Charlie’s so smart.

Charlie’s so pretty.

Charlie’s so rich. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.

Why do people keep falling in love with her? For a conniving self-centered shrew of a woman like her? She wasn’t even worth the contempt but she had mine in spades.

My entire life I’ve had to take the backseat to other people’s lives. I’m done now. My time, my life is worth more than being a backstory in hers. I should be front and center. I deserve to have what she has. No, forget that, I deserve better.

That little store of hers is all she thinks about. Forget about me, about us and our needs. I exist too, yet she gets all the praise. Well, that’s about to end.

“We deserve better than that.”  

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