Southern Fried Honeybee Ch 6

Chapter 6

            All I do is listen now.

            Counting the minutes I could only wait. Did they know? Did she know? Did she?

I don’t think anyone saw me.

Did they?  No, no one saw me. I was too smart for them. Even if they did see me, it wouldn’t matter. People like me never got caught. Only the weak and stupid got caught, and I was neither.

Besides if they had seen me, I’d hear sirens, but there was nothing just silence- for now. I already knew what I’d do if they did come. But that wasn’t happening- not this time.

There was laughter again.


I looked in the mirror- that damned cracked mirror. The eyes saw everything. They knew all.

There were more of them now. At least a hundred of the piercing things stared back at me, but they were different now- clearer.

You did good.

I felt better.

I’d finally done something. Now she wasn’t sitting so pretty on her throne. I’d lit a fire and her ivory tower was melting down around her. I did that! I reached out and touched her world and left my fingerprint. It was all because of me, and I wasn’t through- not yet.

Next time she wouldn’t be able to hide from me. It was time for the Empress to pay.

Eventually she would see me, I’d make sure of it. She’d finally know what it was like to be denied all that you deserved.

We’re coming for you Charlie.

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