The Empress

He who controls the knowledge, information, has the power and they maintain that power by how they hide and bastardize the truth.

we all know what the truth is but without validation, our uncertainty keeps us enslaved.

The Truth is inside each of us but those in power keep us so busy with lies, deceit, trauma that we don’t ever obtain the peace needed to go within. They do such a good job of keeping us disconnected from ourselves that some of us are scared to go within. Scared of what we will find. The truth is there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

So when you hear something that sounds like truth, it is, but also realize that it may be a half truth. The part that is truth is the part that resonates but be wary of swallowing the whole. It is a trick of those in power to pepper the truth with lies to maintain control and keep us coming back for more.

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