Prologue- Southern Fried Honeybee


Classic Motown music played in the candlelit room. A lone figure stared into a shattered mirror mind twisting with thoughts of revenge.

Pushing a finger into the mirror again it popped. This time a sliver of glass came with it. It was long, thin and hurt like hell, but the pain felt good.

It made everything feel more- real.

I pulled the shard out; bright red blood ran. I touched the glass.

The crack went from the bottom of the mirror to about half way up then splintered into a dozen jagged lines all the way to the top. They looked like the skinny branches of a tree with a dozen red eyeballs for leaves. They blinked back angrily seeing everything. Clothes, trash everywhere, stains on the walls.

A pigsty that’s what is a pigsty!

“I shouldn’t be here! I should be living in the big house not in this hole.”

It’s all her fault. She did this to me.

            Shhh! Before they come again.

            “Don’t shhh me.”

            Sipping on champagne like she’s some kind of princess, no empress. That’s what she is. Sitting on her throne looking down on us peasants.  

            Well, she’s about to get hers. Acting as if sugar couldn’t melt in her mouth. They didn’t know her like I did. She didn’t get where she was by herself and it’s time the world found out who she really was.  

            Time to pay, Charlie…time to pay!

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