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Welcome! If you like sci-fi stories with a #strongfemalelead centering black women, you’ve come to the right place.

The Southern Fried Honeybee– novel-

I wrote Honeybee before I’d ever heard of Tabitha Brown, but after being introduced to her videos that’s how I now “see” Charlie. Southern beauty, Charlie Daniels, is a woman with lots of personality and charm. Charlie must find the person who is sabotaging her beloved restaurant, the Southern Fried Honeybee, before she becomes their final victim.

The Watchers- novel

Liza Waters has selective amnesia. She wakes in a small town with the knowledge of who she is but no idea of where she is or why she is there. She must unravel the web of illusion and lies before she is trapped by a hidden enemy. I’ve always been a fan of James Patterson, but I centered a black woman as the hero/secret spy in my story. Alex Cross better watch out!

The Empath– short story

One of my fave authors, Octavia Butler, writes great scifi with strong black female leads which I love! This is a super short story with a scifi theme, inspired by my fave. Empath is about a mother searching for her missing daughter. Only this mother has supernatural powers and her little girl is a chip off the old block!

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Hi, I’m excited you’re here. I write for fun. I hope you enjoy my work and are thoroughly entertained! Welcome! Don’t forget to suscribe.

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Stories centering black women, written by a black woman